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Fraser Performance Studio and Equipment

Studios & Equipment

Fraser Performance Studio

Fraser Studios Floorplan - click to enlarge
Studio floor plan, design by Janson Design Group

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  • Superb acoustically designed recording studio that can accommodate a 60-piece orchestra
  • Two-story windows in a beautiful room create a great sense of space and natural light
  • Designed for isolation, absorption and diffraction, Fraser is a "room within a room" with a floating floor resiliently mounted on a concrete slab which isolates the studio from the building. The acoustically treated fiberglass walls allow for low frequency absorption, while the high ceiling provides additional sound diffraction.

  • 52' x 34' with a 28' ceiling totaling approximately 1,800 square feet
  • 2 ISO booths for vocal overdubs, narration, drums or other individual instruments
  • Music stands and orchestra chairs
  • Axiom 16-channel personal headphone mixing stations
  • Conductor podium
  • Choral risers
  • DMX control lighting dimmers
  • Lighting pack for video shoots

  • Conveniently located off Storrow Drive and Mass Turnpike in the Brighton neighborhood of Boston
  • Access by public transportation
  • Free Parking
  • Green room with video link
  • Handicap accessible
  • Catering services available


  • Hamburg Steinway Model D Concert Grand piano
  • Hamburg Steinway Model B Concert Grand piano
  • 1973 William Dowd harpsichord modeled after an 18th century double manual instrument by Pascal Taskin.
  • Mapex 4 piece drum kit

Control One

Control One
  • SSL C200 digital console with automation: 48 microphone inputs, 64 channels, 128 total inputs
  • Nuendo 48-track DAW
  • Pro Tools 9
  • ATC-100 stereo monitor speakers
  • 5 matched Dynaudio Air speakers and sub woofer for surround mixing
  • Genelec 1030A nearfield monitors
  • TC Electronics M6000 with mastering and reverb
  • Lexicon 300 reverb
  • Eventide Harmonizer
  • Various delays and effects plug-ins
  • Multiple DVD, CD and Flash recorders
  • Large selection of high-quality microphones including AKG, B&K, DPA, Neuman and Schoeps. View our complete microphone list.

Control Two

Control Two
  • Designed for all of your post-production needs including digital editing, mixing and mastering
  • CD mastering and audio sweetening
  • Audio restoration
  • Euphonix MC Pro Controller with Nuendo DAW interface and Yamaha DM 1000 allows for fully automated mixing
  • TC Electronics M6000 with mastering and reverb
  • ATC 100 stereo monitoring speakers
  • 5 matched Dynaudio AIR speakers and subwoofer for surround mixing

Other Studios

Other Studios
  • Additional studios and control rooms are available for narration, ISDN and telephone interviews, radio talk shows, books on tape, foley, voice and production work.